These are the grants we provide to student filmmakers each year.

$2,200 Grants

We give out seven $2,200 grants each year: three are filmed during fall quarter, one in winter quarter, and three in spring quarter, with students pitching the quarter prior to shooting. As the second largest grant we give, its recipients are of a medium production size. The School of Communication generously provides Studio 22 the money for all of the $2,200 grants.


The bindley Grant

At $7,500, the Bindley is the largest grant we give out annually. The Bindley family generously donates the grant money each year. William Bindley graduated from Northwestern and is now a film writer, producer, and director in Hollywood. He has worked for major studios including Warner Bros, HBO and MGM. Since the Bindley is such a large grant, it is typically given to longer, more complicated scripts, and is considered very prestigious. Students pitch for the grant during fall quarter, and the film is shot during winter quarter.

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The Special Projects Grant

This grant is for a project that uses any unique or non-traditional methods of filmmaking. Projects featuring animation, stop-motion, mixed media, experimentation, or any other kind of non-traditional filmmaking are all eligible. Students pitch for the $300-$500 grant in spring quarter, and begin production the following fall quarter.

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the New student grant

This grant is awarded each year to a film produced by freshmen or first-year transfer students. The entire crew, including writers, directors, and producers, is comprised of new students. This $500 grant gives students who are just starting out an opportunity to take on greater responsibility and run their own set. Pitches take place winter quarter, and production begins during spring quarter.