How does the Northwestern Media Art Grant System (MAG)   relate to Studio 22?


All extra-curricular student films (with the exception of the Studio 22 Bindley Grants, whose funds come from a donation made directly to Studio 22, not from department funds) must have received a Media Arts Grant in order to receive funding and access to the equipment cage. More in depth information on MAGs can be found here.

While MAGs can be produced independently, without the support of a student group, MAG recipients can also pitch to Studio 22 to become a Studio 22 film and receive additional funding and support throughout the filmmaking process.

What does Studio 22 support include?

  • Script notes from the Studio 22 board and meeting and revisions with our script chairs

  • A Finance Chair who will take care of all of your finances, advise you on your budget, and give you access to check advances, debit cards, and tax-exemption forms to ensure that you have to front as little money as possible for your film

  • A Production Chair who will help you with your Risk-Management Plan, advise you on equipment rentals, location scouting and any other production areas you have questions about.

  • Experienced NU filmmakers and producers who have been in your place and want to help your film be the very best that it can be.


Pitching to Studio 22

In adjusting to the MAG system, Studio 22 is in a transitional period. The next two MAG pitching rounds, for shoots in fall 2017 and winter 2018, will take place after these MAGs have already been awarded..

Starting in Spring 2018, Studio 22 will transition into having pitches for their films before the MAG applications are due (“pushing” films through the MAG application process).

Films who are chosen will then have Studio 22 as a resource to strengthen their scripts and MAG application before it is due. While there is no guarantee from the RTVF department that a Studio 22 film will receive a MAG, these films have a better chance than others as the department respects the opinions and judgements of student groups.

This method of “pushing” films through the MAG application process (as opposed to awarding “plus ups” after the MAG is give) allows Studio 22 to choose films from their own pool of applicants. Additionally, Studio 22 pitches will be even earlier than the MAG application is due, allowing our films more pre-production time.

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The New Student Grant

This new process of “pushing” will apply to the 2018 New Student MAG grant!

For pushing films through the MAG process, pitches will be held 3 weeks before the MAG application is due, allowing 2 weeks for script revisions, application help, and any other advisement you need.

October 15 is the MAG deadline for winter/spring grants, and May 1 is the deadline for fall/winter grants. (This info can be found on the FAQ on the MAG website)

For New Student and finishing grants (to be used in the spring), the deadline is February 1. Finishing Grants are for films already in production that need additional funding to push them through pre-production. While there will not be additional pitches for this grant, Studio 22 is happy to help our films with the Finishing Grant application!


Other Studio 22 Support: The Bindley Grant

At $7,500, the Bindley is the largest grant we give out annually, and in recent years has been broken into two $4,000 grants to give even more opportunities to student filmmakers. The Bindley family generously donates the grant money each year. William Bindley graduated from Northwestern and is now a film writer, producer, and director in Hollywood. He has worked for major studios including Warner Bros, HBO and MGM. The Bindley is typically given to longer, more complicated scripts, and is considered very prestigious. Students pitch for the grants during fall quarter, and the films a shot during winter quarter.