Studio 22 is a student-run production company that exists to provide extracurricular filmmaking opportunities not offered in production classes.

We fund seven to eight student films that are showcased at the end of each school year. We aim to produce ambitious, high-quality student films and serve as an active agent in the development of Studio 22 projects.

Studio 22 exists to serve and challenge the film community in all aspects and to provide opportunities to experiment in filmmaking, as well as to develop networks with alumni and film professionals. We also provide educational opportunities via workshops and speakers, and we aim to introduce new filmmakers to student film. In essence, Studio 22 continually strives to promote education, ambition, and quality in Northwestern filmmakers.

What does Studio 22 support include?

  • Script notes from the Studio 22 board, as well as meetings with and support from our Script Chairs.

  • A Finance Chair who will advise you on budgeting; manage your contracts and reimbursements; and provide access to check advances, debit cards, and tax-exemption forms to ensure that your production team fronts as little money as possible.

  • A Production Chair who will help you with your Risk-Management Plan, equipment rentals, and any other production areas you have questions about.

  • A Film Manager who will help you navigate the production process, manage deadlines, and access all of Studio 22’s resources. 

  • Experienced NU filmmakers and producers who have been in your place and want to help your film be the very best that it can be.