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Watching a Movie


Studio 22 continually strives to promote education, ambition, and quality in Northwestern filmmakers.

We fund seven to eight student films a year, all showcased at the end of each school year. We aim to produce ambitious, high-quality student films and serve as an active agent in the development of Studio 22 projects.

Studio 22 exists to serve and challenge the film community in all aspects and to provide opportunities to experiment in filmmaking, as well as to develop networks with alumni and film professionals. We also provide educational opportunities via workshops and speakers, and we aim to introduce new filmmakers to the industry.

Meet the board!

Jackson Weber


Jackson is a senior RTVF student at NU. He loves all aspects of filmmaking, but his favorite part is the community. When not drowning in work, you can find him practicing guitar, cooking, or playing Overcooked with his roommates.

George Segress

Co-Film Manager

George is a Junior RTVF and Art History double major with a minor in computer science. Interested in games and novel forms of narrative, George owns and operates a small production company, Chiodo Studios. He also enjoys coping with stress by baking.

Mattheus Tellini

Finance Co-Chair

Mattheus is a junior Econ and Radio/TV/Film major, combining his interests in entertainment and business in his role as the Co-Finance Chair. If not streaming basketball games on his laptop during meetings, Mattheus can be found waiting in the SOFO line with a stack of contracts, W9s, and vouchers in his arms.

Mia Bassett

Community Engagement Co-Chair

Mia is a second year RTVF student who is also pursuing the Integrated Marketing Communications certificate. You can often find her on sets as a cinematographer or hammocking on the lakefill. Mia loves her role as Community Engagement Co-Chair in which she provides a space for the RTVF community to come together!

Adelaide Young

Script Development Co-Chair

Adelaide Ray Young is a senior Theatre major from Colorado. She is a screenwriter and actress interested in research based screenwriting and the overlap of psychology and film. She has received several research grants from Northwestern and was awarded the Fletcher Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Research for her project Making the Invisible Visible: Creating an Accurate Portrayal of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Film. Adelaide is a member of The Pritzker Pucker Studio Lab for the Promotion of Mental Health via Cinematic Arts and is in the Exploring Psychoanalysis program at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute. She is also on the Northwestern Advisory Council for the Office of Undergraduate Research as a representative of the arts.

Matthew Moseley


Matthew's an RTVF major and BIP minor from Houston, Texas. After serving on the board for a year as a CommE/PR chair, he's thrilled to work with Jackson and the rest of Studio 22 to make even more fantastic films and spectacular events. Matthew's also proud to have produced the feature length film MIXED SIGNALS with Applause for a Cause '22-'23, and can't wait to see what's in store for NECRO 101. He's passionate about self-improvement, reading, absolutely any HBO original series, and Texas BBQ.

Sam Friedman

Co-Film Manager

Sam is a filmmaker and photographer from New York. He has directed dozens of narrative and documentary shorts, and is shooting his first feature this year. His favorite food is Nutella.

Shane Chung

Production Coordinator

An RTVF senior and a five-time NU Director of Photography, Shane Chung is obsessed with imagemaking in all forms. He is directing his first film this year as a part of the Senior Directing program. As a Korean-American filmmaker, he is passionate about uplifting unique multicultural voices in film, a mission he first pursued as a Publicity Chair on NU’s Multicultural Filmmaker’s Collective board, and currently as a board member on Studio 22. He champions diversity, inclusion, and wackiness and hopes to further that mission on an industry level.

Ashley Qiu

PR Co-Chair

Ashley is a sophomore studying RTVF, Business Institutions, and IMC. She's very excited to be doing marketing and PR with Agustin and can't wait for Studio22 to be a name everyone recognizes on campus. When she's not busy making countless Canva graphics, she's probably somewhere in Norris, either working at Artica or enjoying an acaí bowl

Brooke Scott

Community Engagement Co-Chair

Brooke is a junior RTVF major and French and Sociology minor from Miami, Florida. She loves screenwriting and directing, but also loves just hanging out on sets with the best film students in the Midwest (alternatively: the world). After working on Studio 22 as a film manager last year, she's extremely excited to be back again this year in a new position. The Studio 22 weekly newsletter is her child, and with Mia's collaboration, they will succeed in making it bigger than the New York Times.

Minh Bui

Industry Co-chair/Vice President

Minh is a senior from Hanoi, Vietnam majoring in RTVF and minoring in Psychology. Apart from lovely romantic dramas, she also loves astronomy, gemstones, enamel pins and cats. She’s excited to continue organizing guest speaker events and making art with Studio 22 this year!

Ananya Paul

Industry Co-Chair

Ananya Paul (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in RTVF and Entrepreneurship. She is the Industry Co-Chair at Studio 22. She is an old-school workaholic passionate about movies, nature, and matcha.

Luluh Abathra

Education & Accountability Chair

Luluh is an international filmmaker and artist, She studying Radio/Television/Film with Art Theory and Practice. Currently, she’s active on various productions in and outside of Northwestern.
As the education chair, Luluh hopes to create a connected filmmaking community at Northwestern, explore her creative ideas, and make art that creates change.

James Lee

Script Development Co-Chair

James is a sophomore RTVF major from Northbrook, IL. He is involved with groups such as Vertigo Productions, One Book One Northwestern, and Applause for a Cause, and is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright. Off-campus, he is a member of the Chicago Indie Critics and GALECA, with reviews written for films premiering at the Sundance, New York, and Tribeca Film Festivals.

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