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This is our event calendar! Any upcoming Studio 22 events will be displayed here with updated RSVP links if needed.


At the end of each school year, Studio 22 hosts an annual Premiere to showcase all the films we produced throughout the year. Recently, Studio 22 is proud to have partnered with the Multicultural Filmmakers Collective for a joint MultiStudio Premiere!

Filmmaking 101

In the Fall Quarter, Studio 22 collaborates with other student orgs at NU to host Filmmaking 101. This workshop is designed to educate new RTVF majors on all the tips, tricks, and basics in NU filmmaking so they feel confident when petitioning and working on sets.

Writer's circles

Throughout the year Studio 22's amazing script development team hosts weekly writer's circles to discuss all things related to screenwriting— including S22 grants, writer-specific feedback, and even just how to get out of a rut. Feel free to email our Script Development chairs (below!) with any questions!

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